Intruder Cat

Intruder cat: descendant of the Persian cat, very special

The Persian cat is a similar breed to the Intruder cat . However, they are different in that they have short hair, large eyes, and a round head.

The short-haired, intruder cat is distinctive They are a calm, sociable, and special pet that has been a favorite in many households. Let’s learn more about them:

The origin of the intruder cat

Was the short-haired intrder cat officially recognized as a breed in 1967. How did this happen?

Jane Martinke was a lord cat species and she wanted to create a new breed of cat American Shorthair with Persian cats, silvery in color and green eyes.

Stirling was originally the first name of this breed, but it became popular and needed a better name to distinguish it from the Persian cat.

It is a unique mix of both the original breeds.

Characteristics and information about the intruder cat

We have already mentioned that the exotic cat’s short, soft hair is what makes it stand out from other long-haired breeds.

It can also be a combination of the most popular colors, such as white, blue or brown.

Taupe, bicolor (any combination with white is possible), tricolor, or with different patterns like “smoke”, shaded silver, or “golden”, among others.

The unique thing about the short-haired intrusion cat is its ability to combine its personality, calmness, and independence. With great socialization, both with other cats and with people.

They are a demanding cat and need to be loved and taken care of by those who love them.

Exotic Shorthair cats have a very unique personality

They are calm, social, curious, and affectionate with their owners. The its meow is soft and comfy .

They are not happy to be left alone. An intruder cat can have trouble if it is away from its home for a prolonged period of time.

All cats can get affected in some way, but exotic cats can have more severe symptoms.

It is important to not be alone and to make contact with others as often as possible.

You should ensure that your vacation companion is available for you when you travel.

Very soft, ‘short’ coat

These cats have a soft, short fur. Regular brushing is enough to remove any dead hair and preserve the natural oils.

Although it is believed to produce little or no allergy, this is not a definitive statement.

Although it has a short coat, its hair is thicker and more dense than other shorthair cats.

take care of his eyes

It is recommended to wipe the eyes with wet gauze every so often.

This breed is known to have lacrimal duct problems. The reason for this is that the tears do not get trapped in the Nasolacrimal D. They fall onto the face and become dark spots when they come in contact with the air.

Selling, breeding and adopting an intruder cat

This breed is bred by dedicated individuals.

It is important to make a responsible decision when buying an intruder cat. You should also know that this is a major responsibility and that you are responsible for caring for it.

It is important to ensure that you buy the animal only from a trusted farm.

Keep in mind that these cats were abandoned as well. They are also one of the most expensive breeds (900 to 1200 Euro). This means that many people are devoted to breeding them without any guarantees, records or care.

Intruder cat health problems

Because of their flat noses, they are more likely to develop certain conditions or diseases such as eye and respiratory problems. They may also have difficulty breathing oxygen well.

It can also suffer from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (impaired cardiac development), although it is less studied than the Persian cat.

Eye problems include excessive tears, which can lead to oxidation and bacterial infection.

Feeding the short-haired intruder cat

Intruder cats are more likely to gain weight. They may not be as active as other cats or have genetic factors that lead to them becoming fatter.

It is important to encourage them and play with, in order to make them happy and active

They would benefit from a diet high in animal protein and low- or no grains (universal feed). Their health would improve and their life expectancy will increase.

short-haired intruder cat care

It is a gentle cat, despite its unique characteristics.

Although it can be said she overcame certain characteristics of the Persian cat she was bred from, we will need to pay particular attention to her nose, eyes, and mouth.

Three times per week, brush your teeth. If he lives at home, it is not necessary to bathe them. They are very clean.

The intruder cat, as you can see is a special breed because of its unique characteristics and character. If you’re lucky enough to have one, please share your experiences and thoughts with us.

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